TELUS Asset Management System

Sisyphus 2002 Released January 5, 2002.

The Development team is happy to announce the release of Sisyphus2002 Release Candidate1.0a . This version adds complete Software Asset collection of Desktops and Servers. Also included is a very nice Installation & User Manual.

What is Sisyphus: Sisyphus is a Poor Man's SMS. Open Source Asset Management running on an Open Source OS. The software was developed by the Technology Rollover group at TELUS , Canada's Second Largest Telecommunications company. The software is a value added component of the Technology Rollover product which TELUS has agreed to share with the Open Source community.

The software is presently a Release Candidate, but very close to complete. It is running at 5 or 6 sites (with 300 to 2000+ Desktops), and is in debug mode. I am actively looking for development help, that was the whole point of taking the software Opensource. Meanwhile, please take a peak at the web reporting in its current state at . There is also ODBC access via MS Access, Excel, Crystal Reports, etc. You can download the latest version of the source code at: .

Why Sisyphus?
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